Bet 'em All Blackjack

a new spin on a casino classic

It's live casino blackjack . . .with a twist  

Casino operators worldwide are always on the hunt for ways to refresh their blackjack offering through game variations and side bet options.  But, it’s rare that an option comes along which can significantly and reliably create meaningful value in terms of increased wagering and win per unit. 


Bet ‘em All Blackjack has arrived to meet this challenge and take North America’s most popular table game to new heights.  Not only is Bet ‘em All Blackjack expected to add over 20% to daily win per unit; it is also poised to fundamentally change the way blackjack is played for decades to come. 



Designed in pursuit of ever more excitement and entertainment for players, Bet ‘em All Blackjack is a simple betting option which drives increased wagering while adding a heightened level of interactivity to an otherwise unaltered and familiar blackjack game. 

The premise is incredibly simple – players are able to bet on each other’s hands in addition to their own.  There’s essentially nothing more to it, so casino operators can add the Bet ‘em All option to virtually any standard blackjack game and players are not faced with any barriers to play.  That is, players can take the Bet ‘em All option to enjoy expanded opportunity.  Or, they can simply ignore Bet ‘em All and the game remains a standard blackjack offering. 

 To support the feature, clever and intuitive layout design ensures that the players and dealer have complete clarity around the placement and ownership of the Bet ‘em All wagers. 

With Bet ‘em All Blackjack, friends are able to share in each other’s fortunes, and players can ride the winning runs of the lucky spots on the game.  In this way, players remain engaged and invested in every turn of the card, even when their own hand has gone cold. 

Even as players delight in the ability to bet on those whose luck may seem to outpace their own, the house enjoys increased advantage with each Bet ‘em All.  This effect is due to a subtle game rule where on a split hand, the Bet 'em All wagers will only have action on the first hand of the split and not the subsequent hands.  This key feature, understated as it is, does not detract from the player experience, but most certainly makes the game work for the casino operator.     

 ·       The casino operator can expect to see an instant increase in cash drop and daily win per unit on every game where Bet ‘em All Blackjack is in play.  The growth rate can be expected to reach over 20% as players become more comfortable with the option and increase their participation. 

·       The additional action provided by the Bet ‘em All option significantly boosts the entertainment and excitement of the game, creating a far more fun and social atmosphere than the standard blackjack offering.  A better entertainment experience will generally drive up the player time on device, and this is particularly advantageous in an environment where the Bet ‘em All option represents a product advantage over a competitor.

·       Bet ‘em All Blackjack integrates seamlessly with all blackjack variants, even those games which support an existing side bet option.

·       The learning curve for players is extremely fast with the additional betting options being explained in seconds by the dealer.

·       The staff training requirement is minimal with a 20-minute session being sufficient for any experienced dealer

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