Bet 'em All Blackjack

a new spin on a casino classic

Mara Games

Mara Games licenses Bet 'em All Blackjack and as well as Lunar Poker to the world's gaming facilities.  Having invented Lunar Poker, and most recently developed Bet 'em All Blackjack, we are proud to partner with Scientific Games to distribute our products in US markets.  


Bet 'em All Blackjack was created by a group of veteran casino management, game development, and finance professionals at Mara Enterprises Limited.  We are a Macau-based company, closely supported by our global distributors Scientific Games, as well as  Indo Pacific Gaming throughout Australasia.

Mara Enterprises Ltd prides itself on integrity, legitimacy and being able to offer a first class market leading product to our clients with strong and ongoing support.

Prior to the creation of Bet 'em All Blackjack, Mara Games create the 5 Card Draw variant known as Lunar Poker which has been evaluated by Las Vegas Poker wiz mathematician Stanley Ko, and has subsequently been certified in every aspect by GLI USA.  Early success with the Lunar Poker's multi-bet feature led naturally to the development of Bet 'em All Blackjack, which emphasizes this feature and the heightened social aspect it brings to the classic blackjack offering.  

Mara Games is represented by a professional & dynamic executive team, based and traveling throughout the United States, Australasia, and Asia. Many of our executives have substantial Table Games backgrounds, having operated in senior management positions at high profile casinos such as Sun City, Wynn Macau, Marina Bay Sands, The Star Sydney and Harrah's New Orleans for many years. This invaluable experience has placed the Lunar Poker Team in a strong position to instinctively understand the intricate needs of the casino client and also the table games customer.

In the United States, Mara Enterprises Ltd has executives based in Florida and Louisiana as well as a very strong presence on the West Coast where we're partnered with the dynamic Scientific Games organization. Our combined teams travel nationwide to service our clients and each of our members have at least two decades of experience in the casino industry.

In Australasia, we currently have executives based in New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines and Australia's Eastern States, who are traveling throughout Southeast Asia, North Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific on an ongoing basis.

Mara Enterprises Ltd operates with absolute professionalism, which our clients appreciate as they receive the following items from our team in support of this cutting edge poker product:

  • Gaming Board standard game rules & game description and training manuals

  • GLI certification of game offerings

  • Staff training conducted by the Mara Enterprises team

  • Comprehensive client website section for reference to all aspects of Bet 'em All Blackjack

  • Social media support of client's property via Bet 'em All Blackjack's Facebook, LinkedIn and website

  • On site team member support during launch period

  • Table layout designs for the client to select from

  • 24/7 helpline

  • Ongoing support from our team for all Bet 'em All Blackjack related matters

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